Thursday, July 20, 2006

Reinforcements have arrived: Pt.3 Examining the other contents

Now for the final installment of the Noble Armada Ships of the Line box set review. We're looking at the other contents of the box. Enjoy.

First up are the dice. You get four very purple d20s with black numerals. I'm not a huge fan of the d20. I suppose Noble Armada uses them. I was a fan of Chronopia and Warzone, both in their first editions and they used d20s. I haven't really used them since. These will go in the box with the other unused d20s. Although they do make handy kill counters in skirmish games. I may use them in StarMonger as a way to track how many combats are taking place and other record keeping. They are indeed very purple.

You wouldn't think that flight stands would be particularly cool, but these are. They're the standard 1" hex domed flight base we've seen across many different games. I prefer this style to the flat-topped hex bases other companies use. I would normally just paint the base and overcoat it, but with these, they'll stay as they are. You'll notice that the plastic has little bits of blue glitter mixed in. It gives a nice star effect that is pretty cool, in my opinion. I look forward to more of these. Yeah, they're bases, but they're cool bases.

The chits that are included are mighty cool. You get a fair number of them; 240, if I recall. Although only black and white, they have a fair amount of use for other games. I particularly like the chits for boarding parties in the third pic. Also, the chits for the different factions are individually numbered, so could serve a use for any number of things. For example, how about assigning numbers to units in a game and placing corresponding chits in a bag or cup and drawing them to determine initiative? I like thinking of uses for chits in my own games without having to print my own. I'm cheap, er, resourceful that way.

You've seen the hex maps in other pictures, so I'm not including one now. They're 1 1/2" hex maps, white hexes on black. No numbering, which is somewhat of a let down and no stars printed on them either. There is a Noble Armada log printed on them. I guess those are to keep people from taking them from the sets and using them in another game box for retail. Either that it's to remind people what game they're playing. The maps are lackluster, but they are functional and big at 17 x 22 hexes.

There's also a quick-play sheet for Noble Armada.

All in all, I find the quality of the individual components of this set to be quite high. Additionally, the fact that it is more than just a set of ships is nice. The additional bits, especially the chits makes this a set worth getting for any fan of space combat games. On a 10-point scale, I'd give this set an 8.75. High marks are given for sheer value the set gives. Nice miniatures (and plenty of them) plus nice stands and scads of neat chits are big bonuses for me. Points are deducted for the uninspired hex maps.


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