Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Reinforcements have arrived: Pt.1 Opening the Box

The first of the Noble Armada sets I'll be getting arrived yesterday. I'll post a detailed review with pictures this evening or tomorrow. For now, my initial impressions.

The box arrived via UPS on the fifth day after ordering. This was nice because I only paid for "standard mail." The ICE webstore states one should expect 1-2 days to package the order and another 2-3 for delivery at this rate. Seems a bit slow, but I don't know how many people they have that work shipping and I don't know how many orders they process in a day. All in all, not a bad length of tiem to wait for little plastic ships.

The box is the now-standard card stock box with slip cover for different contents. These went a step further by having a decal with the product info stuck to them. I suspect more of the same should I order some of the metal sets. No big deal, I've come to expect this type of packaging. I actually prefer it now, because I figure, reductions in packaging coasts mean reductions in end price, right?

Opening the box I first saw a bag with four sprues with eight different ships on them. Next was a baggie with four purple d20s with black numerals. Further on was a baggie with 32 plastic flight bases and posts. The four 17x22 hex maps were next. At the bottom of the box were two sheets of black and white counters for use with Noble Armada specifically, but could be used in any space game.

A good haul of stuff for the $25 and $5 in shipping. Detailed review next.


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