Monday, May 01, 2006

A good evening

The evening went well. We each got in two games. Daniel was the big winner, beating Ray and me both with his Early Hoplite Spartans. 12 elements of 4Sp is a tough nut to crack. Ray was the big loser. He fell to Daniel and me.

His game against Daniel was an almost complete rout. Ray used my Romans. Daniel lost maybe two stands, Ray of course losing four. I faced Ray with my Romans while he used Daniel's Spartans. I traded the 3Cv Gen for a 4Bd Gen to give the center of my line a bit more oomph. Over the course of the game, I worked my 3Cv around his flank and positioned them directly behind his general stand. A well-timed series of recoils on his line pushed his general into my Cav, killing him instantly, winning the game. Having that +6 element in the center is useful. The game was rather close run, however. I had lost three elements by the time I got the drop on his general.

I'm becoming convinced that the mandatory artillery for the Romans is almost worthless, unless I simply hold my line in place and angle the damn thing so I can get some shots on his line as they come into range. It does not support mobile warfare at all. The relatively short range can be overcome in short order as well. Bows can be handy, though, if used properly. I'd hate to see what an army of massed bows could do.


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