Thursday, May 18, 2006

Coral Sea Campaign Support

Rich Wright and his Wentzville Irregulars are doing a Coral Sea Campaign using combined naval and air power. It's an awesome project to be sure. They're having some file hosting difficulties on the Yahoo group file section, so I'm hosting some files for them, specifically the weather maps they are using. Here they are (click on the pic for a full-size version) :

Weather Map #1
Weather Map #3

Weather Map #4
Weather Map #6

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

These pictures add up to about 562 words each

So we had our game night. Here's some photogrpahic eveidence of our crimes against gaming humanity.

The first shot shows the set up of some unpainted fugures. Sad, I know. My Romans on the left, Daniel's Spartans on the right. I forget who is playing in this game. Note the use of a small strip of blue tape to indicate a water way. My 3' x 3' felt DBA mat was supplied by Rich Wright of Wentzville, MO. The blue table cloth is there beacause it is more attractive than the printed faux wood finish on my 2 1/2' x 7' folding table. They make a nice gaming table when placed together. Some better terrain is in order, for sure. Now that I think of it, Ray is using my Romans in this shot. I'd never place my artillery behind my line like that. Or would I? I think the artillery requirement for the Early Imperial Roman list is a bunch of garum anyway.

You'll notice Ray's wooly arm on the left and Daniel's girlish appendage on the right. I like the single stand of Hoplites running down the artillery in this shot. If I recall, this is Daniel's general facing down the arty. Meanwhile, it looks like the Roman cavalry is waiting to get a nice flank shot on said general if and when he makes contact. I don't think that happened. Would have been nice, though. On the near hill, some auxiliaries are harrasing the Spartan left flank while the center is up noticeably devoid of Romans. The Roman legianaires are in the background in this shot, on the Roman right, not doing much of anything but pushing Hoplites around. Ray had some really bad rolls that night. Daniel has developed a knack for element placement and picking the order of his engagements to maximize his tactical factors, but that's the nature of the game, innit?

Daniel, about to chide Ray on his poor fashion sense and lack of hygiene. You will note the spiffy pace stick I made out of some 1/4" dowel and a bit of spray paint. The hills and road, if interested are made of 1/16" funny foam. You can get a 8" x 11" sheet for less than a dollar and is handy for flat terrain features. I plan on making new hills out of 1" insulation foam. Probably just one level with gently sloping slides that will allow a 28mm element to be placed on it without tipping. They will also be used for 15mm and 6mm sci-fi games. Photos on that excitment to come. By the way, check out the new 15mm GZG stuff. I have seen it and it is the shiz-nite!

This picture was taken shortly after Ray pelted Daniel with a peltast for his unkind remarks. Ray works at the local grocery store. He and Daniel take a graphics class at the local JuCo. One of their asisgnements involoved screenprinting shirts. One of their designs was a cartoon pirate with the simple slogan of AARRGGH! I had one made on a white shirt with black ink. Ray's is black with white ink. Unbeknownst to either of us, we chose the same day to wear our shirts. I was not aware of this until I went to get some groceries. Due to this episode, I have decided that Ray is my evil twin from another dimension. Note the opposite colored shirt, the darker hair, the similar name and as my final piece of evidence, the goatee (that's the clincher).

For those interested, here's a picture of me. Not nearly as dreamy as one owuld have thought after reading my wickedly funny posts about all manner of things. Sadly, I'm about as attractive as the average MySpace user trolling for "hawt chix." One thing I have on those losers, I don't have hundreds of videos hot-linked to my blog page so you have to wait forever to read my dumbe comments. In the meantime, feel free to take a little quiz based on this terrible photograph.

Can you tell what I am doing? Am I reading:

A) The collected works of Catullus in Latin

B) A previously unpublished work written in Linear B

C) United States Tax Code translated into Sanskrit

D) DBA 2.2, presumably in English

If you picked D you are correct. I do like the game, I hate how it's written. The WADBAG guide I mentioned in a previous post is a good read.

That's it for photos for now. Check back soon for more exciting droning about my gaming habit.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Help is on the way!

The Washington Area DBA Gamers (WADBAG) have put together a rather nice Unofficial Guide to DBA. Rumor on TMP indicates one can have it printed and spiral-bound at Kinkos for about $13. Luckily, I have access to a color laser printer that does double-sided printing at work, so my cost will be closer to $0.00. Heh.

Another fine ancients blog has been put up by Bjorn, the Normans of Stockholm. Normans are one of those armies I'd love to do. I'd probably do an army of Robert Guiscard for his conquest of Sicily and southern Italy. Nothing like Vikings that moved to France and got a taste for wine and short haircuts.

I'm hoping to get pictures of this past weekend's DBA action up. Hold yer breath.

Monday, May 01, 2006

A good evening

The evening went well. We each got in two games. Daniel was the big winner, beating Ray and me both with his Early Hoplite Spartans. 12 elements of 4Sp is a tough nut to crack. Ray was the big loser. He fell to Daniel and me.

His game against Daniel was an almost complete rout. Ray used my Romans. Daniel lost maybe two stands, Ray of course losing four. I faced Ray with my Romans while he used Daniel's Spartans. I traded the 3Cv Gen for a 4Bd Gen to give the center of my line a bit more oomph. Over the course of the game, I worked my 3Cv around his flank and positioned them directly behind his general stand. A well-timed series of recoils on his line pushed his general into my Cav, killing him instantly, winning the game. Having that +6 element in the center is useful. The game was rather close run, however. I had lost three elements by the time I got the drop on his general.

I'm becoming convinced that the mandatory artillery for the Romans is almost worthless, unless I simply hold my line in place and angle the damn thing so I can get some shots on his line as they come into range. It does not support mobile warfare at all. The relatively short range can be overcome in short order as well. Bows can be handy, though, if used properly. I'd hate to see what an army of massed bows could do.