Friday, April 28, 2006

At long last, a game night

Ray and Daniel will descend on the back room tonight. I'll fire up the shop vac to remove the dust from my Romans and we'll throw down, DBA style. I'll have the digi cam handy to take pictures of the unpainted (shame) carnage. One good thing to come of this, Daniel usually brings a pizza. I'll be sure to have some type of snack on hand and soda.

Sadly, these misanthropes have a taste for Mountain Dew. Possibly the most vile beverage on the planet. Homer had it right when he chose Crab Juice over it. My wife, though I love her, also enjoys this putrid crap. What ever happened to liking a nice, decent beverage such as Dr Pepper, Coca-Cola or Slivovica?

At least there's pizza.


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