Friday, April 28, 2006

At long last, a game night

Ray and Daniel will descend on the back room tonight. I'll fire up the shop vac to remove the dust from my Romans and we'll throw down, DBA style. I'll have the digi cam handy to take pictures of the unpainted (shame) carnage. One good thing to come of this, Daniel usually brings a pizza. I'll be sure to have some type of snack on hand and soda.

Sadly, these misanthropes have a taste for Mountain Dew. Possibly the most vile beverage on the planet. Homer had it right when he chose Crab Juice over it. My wife, though I love her, also enjoys this putrid crap. What ever happened to liking a nice, decent beverage such as Dr Pepper, Coca-Cola or Slivovica?

At least there's pizza.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Add one to the hopper

Hyunster's blog is a thing of beauty. He has almost convinced me to get more Tau for use in Stargrunt ...

Blog, blog, blog

More gaming blogs from our friends at TMP.

Canadians have "teh interweb?" Whoda thunk it? This guy evidently. George D'Amato give us Wargamer on Deck. I note a surpising lack of references to hockey, donuts and back bacon. I'm not sure he's really Canadian.

Tiny Tin Men is really what it's about, innit? Robartes had a kid. Excellent. More future wargamers.

Legatus Hedilus is a Brit who doesn't think one should only have one blog. Instead he has one for his Spartans, one for his Byzantines and one for everything else. Pesky Brits.

Matakishi is a rather good painter. One day, after I hack around on enough figures I might be as good as he is. In the mean time, check out his Tea House and bask in the splendor of old mice used as grav cars.

Dread Pirate Garness claims it's "A Pirates [sic] Life for Me." We'll see, I guess. Nice paint jobs though, especially on the 54mm signifier.

UpperCanada (what is with these Canucks?) takes the road less traveled with WAR of 1812 Wargaming. All the cuff colors and lace of Napoleonic gaming without actually having to use French figures. What's not to like?

Derek Hodge brings us the blog of the South East Scotland Wargames Club at SESWC News. Good to see a club blogging about.

In my searching, I also found Maksim Smelchak's 6mm-Minis blog. Some good stuff, if you like 6mm. And I do.

Read and ye shall be rewarded. Or something.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gaming blog explosion

A veritible explosion of blogs related to gaming has occured in the "blogosphere." Not nearly as circuitous and pedantic as the political blogs from both sides of the aisle, the gaming blogs are a mix of hard-core info on games, miniatures, dice and terrain with the odd bit of eye candy and plans for the invasion of the Breton coast. On to the show. I found these while trawling TMP.

Polynikes gives us The Revenge of Carlos Plynkes to read. Funny stuff. Mildly related to gaming. One must read for oneself. Probably not banned in Arkansas.

Chonk34 gives us The Raz File, commentary on the state of gaming. At least in his house. The fact that he had to dissuade his wife from buying figures for him discourages me, however. Maybe he's insane. I usually have to pull guard duty or KP for a month before the missus lets me buy any lead chappies. Unless I sell blood.

Mike Lewis has been nice enough to update Planet Wargaming for the past three years or so. Updates are sporadic. It fits the theme I'm trying to establish for myself. Nice photos, too.

KSmyth thinks we shouldhave some history of Agincourt in our reading. He's probably right. The Northwest Historical Miniature Gamer, although titled in a pedestrian fashion, is chock full of good info.

More to follow when I post next.

Media Links

Couple of new media links. I've changed them from "of the week" to "of the moment." I'll update them when I get something new worth updating.

CD of the Moment: Robert Earl Keen, "What I Really Mean"
This CD is his best studio album since "Walking Distance" One of the best tracks, "Mr. Wolf and Mama Bear" is a crime story fable. Think of Aesop collaborating with Elmore Leonard. Other tracks of interest are "For Love," another tale set in the Old West like his previous songs "Sonora's Death Row" and "Jesse With the Long Hair," and "The Great Hank," a surreal dream of REK waking up in a bar to find "the late great Hank Williams and he was all dressed up in drag." "A Border Tragedy" finds the protagonist and his Mexican friends Jaime and Umberto laughing at a college kid during spring break. It doesn't rhyme. It doesn't have to.

Non-Fiction Book of the Moment: John Keegan, "The Face of Battle."
See the previous entry. It's so good, I kept it for this iteration.

Fiction Book of the Moment: Ian Falconer, "Olivia"
Olivia is a pig. Olivia gets in trouble. Olivia is a very funny book to read to your kids. We bought this book for our friends' daughter Sonny when her brother Johnny was born. The illustrations are quite delightful. I sort of discounted children's literature for many years until we had Caroline. The trick is finding a book, such as "Olivia," that is just as entertaining to the parent as it is the child. Thanks to her, I rediscovered Shel Silverstein. Beth has a copy of "Where the Sidewalk Ends" and I've read some of the poems to Caroline. When we were visiting Joe and Sarah, they have a copy of "Light in the Attic" and I read some to Caroline then too, for about 30 minutes. Very funny. Yep, find something you can both enjoy, preferably without purple dinosaurs.

Good night, mush.

Monday, April 24, 2006

After the briefest of breaks ...

And I'm back. My wife gave birth to our Daughter, Caroline, since I posted last. Little kids rule. Especially ours. She's 12 weeks old today. Someday, we'll get the week-to-month conversion chart at my house.

Still slowly painting my DBA Romans. No longer involved in the tourney. Will be playing this weekend with Daniel and Ray. They took advantage (as did I) of the Old Glory sale. I got some cavalry and auxiliaries. Ray picked up some crusaders to do an Army of St. John 1st or 2nd Crusade force. Daniel got himself some Greek Hoplites to do a Later Hoplite force with the Spartan options. I provided Litko bases for them. Battle reports to come.

It's good to be back.