Friday, October 14, 2005

Too long in the wasteland

I went far too long without updating.

Sadly, I did not win the Age of Glory Katrina Relief Raffle. Drat. But, Age of Glory did raise more than $500. Good show. Plus I got a torsion unit for a Foundry Scorpio that I needed. Never got one in the original package.

I am woefully behind on my painting for the DBA Army Building Tourney. I am officially a week behind in painting and battling as of today. I have my first six elements half primed (need to flip and prime other side.

I'm basing the figures on 13mm x 18mm (roughly) steel bases. The plan is to base them for DBA on magetic 60mm x 20mm or 30mm bases for DBx and be able to rebase them on 20mm x 20mm bases for WAB or other individually based games. Neat.

Photos to some. I promise.