Tuesday, August 23, 2005

DBizzle in the hizzle

I'm to play DBA for the first time since I was in High School. The first time I ever played was at a convention in KC circa 1991.

Some guys are coming over to the newly cleaned up back room to have a night of pizza, soda and gaming. Should be fun. I have not had time to paint up any figures, but they will be based. My temporary bases are made of 3/16th" foamcore. I love my X-Acto matte and foam board cutter. It really whips the llama's ass, to borrow from Winamp. But I digress.

Looks like we'll have three, maybe four for the evening. It will be a learning experience as we get in some tune-up games before the DBA Army Building Tourney begins.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Good Deal

Totallycheapminatures.com have announced a special on Foundry figures. Of particualr interest to me is the special on Foundry Ancients Hordes. If I can scratch the dough together, I may partake of this offer. Only downside being you have no idea what 70 figures you get. I'm not completely convinced that I need 70 signifers. Not that I expet that to happen, but the possibility makes me gun shy. Any one have experience with the Foundry Hordes? Please tell us your impressions on the Comments page.

The Gripping Beast stuff is stil looking nice, though.

Once I get some other things behind me, such as I-Con, I'll start work on the DBA Tourney army. I promise to have updates with photos.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


HBO has a new show starting August 28th called Rome. I saw a "Making of" special on HBO this weekend. I must say the show looks it will be pretty good.

I'll follow OFM's Law of Media: "Wargamers should not review movies." I'll watch any show that has an off-duty centurion stabbing a guy in the throat with a pugio.

Hopefully, I'll have a TV in the back room soon with a satellite receiver so I can watch while painting for the DBA tourney.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Media of the Week

I didn't make any anouncement last week about my Media of the Week selections. The new selections are up.

Record of the Week: Jesse Dayton "Country Soul Brother" It's kinda rockabilly with more of a country edge. Think along the lines of a mix between Reverend Horton Heat and BR-549. Good stuff, especially "Tall Walkin' Texas Trash."

Non-Fiction Book of the Week: John Keegan "The Face of Battle" Every wargamer should read this book. Keegan examines the physical and psychological forces at play when men fight. The examination of the Battle of Agincourt is the highlight, in my mind.

Fiction Book of the Week: Ben Rehder "Buck Fever" A fun whodunnit set in Blanco County, Texas. There's a corrupt politician, Columbian narco-terrorists, a good lookin' nurse and a game warden trying to figure out why his buddy's pet buck is going bonkers. Like I said, fun.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New DBA Project Links

I've added a list of links having to do with the DBA Army Building Tourney I've mentioned before. The links either have to do with manufacturers I'll be dealing with or sites that provide information for DBA players in particular or ancients gamers in general.

Gripping Beast: Gripping Beast is a company that makes outstanding 28mm figures. Most of their stuff is ancients. I've posted to them before. I'll be filling out the ranks of my Early Imperial Roman forces with their mounted auxiliary. I may also get some gladiators because, hey they're cool.

Litko Aerosystems: Ken Litko is joy to deal with and he provides a great product. His laser-cut aviation plywood bases, flex steel and flex magnet basing supplies are second to none. He's also started a line of 28mm laser-cut buildings that look quite nice as well.

Veni Vidi Vici: I'll be using VVV's shield decals for multiple reasons:
1) They're very well done
2) The name of the company is also history's shortest After Action Review
3) I got some for free after winning a contest on TMP
Not only do I have an appreciation for excellent products, but I'm cheap as well!

fanaticus.org: This site is where it's at for DBA players. Since I haven't played yet, it has provided me with plenty of much needed knowledge about the game as well as a rundown of my army of choice. The galleries are worth an hour's surfing.

Return to the back room

I'm heading back to work on my back room. We're inviting over Beth's family this weekend; parents, uncle, cousins, grandmother. To prepare, the back room will be completely squared away tonight.

We'll be smoking a pork butt and some ribs Sunday. My rig was once an 80-gallon water heater. My father-in-law and I took it to the Pittsfield Pig Days Prince Pig Cook Off and won 1st in ribs and 1st in pork butt. I'm looking forward to it. I plan on serving at about 5 P.M., so I'd like to have the butt going by 8 A.M. and the ribs by about 11. Nine hours should get the butt lip smackin'. My wife on side dish duty is a thing of beauty. I'm particularly looking forward to her apple crisp for desert. Man, if only I could get some Blue Bell ice cream to go with it. It may be worth a trip to Hannibal so I can get some Shiner Bock for while I'm cooking.

Maybe the weekend after I'll host a game and christen it properly.

New Link

I've added Miniature Wargaming, another gaming blog. It's really well done and much more comprehensive than my humble blog. Check out the Gaming Sites Directory. It's worth the price of admission.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Upcoming events

There's some upcoming events around my neck of the woods I'd like to mention.

Guns of August 8-13-05: Run by the Big Muddy Historical Gaming Alliance, Guns of August is a single-day gaming event held in the St. Louis area. Word has it they have about 20 events for the day. The moto is anything miniatures or historical.

Fall Recruits 8-26 & 27-05: Recruits is run by the Lee's Summit High School Organization of Strategic Gamers. LSHS is my alma mater and I could have only dreamed of such an event when I was a student there. I went to Spring Recruits this past year and had a great time. The objective is to increase the visibility of the hobby ot the younger audience. They draw youthful attendees from across the KC Metro area. It's a good thing. Kudos to Duane and Laura Fleck for making it happen. Double kudos to them for also being high school teachers. We need more teachers like them. Admission is $3 and is nice at twice the price.

I-Con 9-9, 10 & 11-05: A new venue for I-Con in Springfield, IL means more space and better on-site concessions. I'm looking forward to attending this year. I'll be running a couple of sessions of Fragapalooza, a first-person shooter miniatures game. Also, Paul Hassebrock, I-Con organizer and all-around cool guy also owns Mecca Anime, a repository of all things cool and Japanese. You will buy the Pocky.

"Take off and nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure."

I formatted my machine at home last night. I had been infected with parite-b and Panda Active Scan wasn't doing any good. I backed everything I had to have (old gaming files, papers from college, e-mails) to Zip disk and pulled a Truman on the two hard drives living in the box.

I got WinXP on the box and got my internet connection working. At that point, I decided to quit for the night. I still need to add anti-virus, a competent web browser and e-mail client, then all will be well. At least I'll be at about 33%. I still have a lot of work to do on the computer, but I'm taking steps to increase my protection against mal-ware.

After that, gaming project updates!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

A busy weekend

Saturday I responded to four calls from my volunteer fire department. Two were EMS calls, the third was a motor vehicle accident that we were turned back while en route and the fourth was a brush fire. Pretty much made sure I couldn’t enjoy my Saturday. I can’t talk about the EMS calls, what with HIPPA and everything.

The brush fire was pretty tame. Got to use my new helmet and boots. The helmet is a little heavier than are old helmets, but they fit better. The boots pinched at first, but tramping around woodlands putting out small fires started the break-in process nicely.

We received a FEMA grant so we could get new turnout gear. The boots came in first and the helmets arrived this past week. We’re still waiting on our new jackets and pants. They should be in by the end of the month. I’ll see if I can get a picture to post.

Today I mowed the lawn before going to church. After church, we came home, had a little lunch and then tackled cleaning out our back room. It had been junked up since we moved in a little over a year ago and we never got a around to actually getting it squared away.

I have laid claim to half the room so it may be used for gaming-related activities. I have a desk for painting and model building. A couple of 2 ½’ x 7’ folding tables serve as a game table that can be put away if we’re entertaining. There’s also a couple of bookshelves that are jammed with history and rule books. Some of my wife’s books have infiltrated, but they’ll get moved aside over time. Eventually, we’ll have a TV with a DVD player in the room. That will make watching a game-related movie that much easier. I’ll post pictures once everything is done.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

DBA tourney update

Here's the rules Rich Wright has devised for the DBA tourney in which I'll be participating:

Objective: Build a 200 pt DBM army by Historicon 2006 (July)
Here is the format that I have come up with so far...any builds?
First battle: (Oct 7, Friday)
6 stands of any from the final DBM army list, played with DBA (2.2) on a 3 foot square board using normal terrain feature sizes.
This will be a round robin pairing with each player playing the other for a total of 5 games
2nd battle: (Nov 19, Sat @ Command Con)
9 stands from the DBA book list, played with DBA on a 3 foot square board using normal terrain feature sizes.
This will be a round robin pairing with each player playing the other for a total of 5 games
3rd battle: (Dec 30, Friday)
12 stands from the DBA book list, played with DBA on a 3 foot square board using normal terrain feature sizes.
This will be a round robin pairing with each player playing the other for a total of 5 games
4th battle: (Feb 10, Friday)
100 points of troops from the final DBM list, played with DBM 3.1 on a 4 foot by 6 foot board (normal playing area and terrain feature sizes as per the 200 point Irish mod army composition rules hereafter).
Each player will play 2 games, 2 different opponents...one as the attacker and the other as a defender.
5th battle: (March 31 or to coincide with Barracks Battles)
150 points of troops from the final DBM list, played with DBM 3.1 on a 4 foot by 6 foot board (normal playing area and terrain feature sizes as per the 200 point Irish mod army composition rules hereafter).
Each player will play 2 games, 2 different opponents...one as the attacker and the other as a defender.
Final battle series: (May 12, Friday)
200 points of troops from the final DBM list, played with DBM 3.1 on a 4 foot by 6 foot board (normal playing area and terrain feature sizes as per the 200 point Irish mod army composition rules hereafter).
This will be a round robin pairing with each player playing the other for a total of 5 games.
Game time limits: The DBA games will be no longer than an hour,
the 100 point games => 1 hour
the 150 point games => 1.5 hours
the 200 point games => 2 hours

Friday, August 05, 2005

An epic undertaking

David Kujit shows us how to assemble a 28mm scale Mayan Pyramid out of a new material called Sintra.

The Assault Group announces the release of a 28mm Tlaxcalan range to complement their Flower Wars line of Meso-American figures in 28mm. Just in time to fight over David Kujit's monstrous Mayan Pyramid!

New gaming links

Check out the gaming links:
The Miniatures Page - It's the best. Good info, very active message boards. An excellent springboard for the greatest hobby.

Free Wargames Rules - Title says it all. There's some good and some bad. It's all there for you to find out which you like. A valuable resource for getting into new genres/eras.

Wargames Directory - A little more serious in my mind than TMP in its forum posts. Good reviews of games and other products, though. Another good place to start.

More to come.

Finally, a gaming post

This is a gaming blog, supposedly, so a gaming post is in order.

I'm going to participate in a 25/28mm DBA Army Building Tournament. Exciting stuff. Especially since I've never played De Bellis Antiquatis before.

The idea is you build a DBA/DBM army over the course of a year or so. Each progressive step is taken over the course of about two months. I'll post the rules of the tourney shortly. Tonight or tomorrow perhaps.

I'm doing Early Imperial Romans. The classic ancients army. Who doesn't like the idea of commanding a legion in battle and seeing the rectangular scuta move across the battlefield, the tranverse crests of the centurions' helmets showing where the thickest fighting is taking place, the sky darkened with pila in flight? Good stuff.

I'm using figures I received as a gift nearly five years ago. They're The Foundry's excellent EIR range. I'll not waste time griping about Foundry's recent policies regarding packaging, pricing and customer service. There's plenty of that over on The Miniatures Page already. I just need to get started painting.

I'll post updates of my progress.

More to come.

Music from south of the Red River

Don M said he didn't know what Texas music was. As an avid Texas music fan, I figure I'll take a moment to discuss this important branch of American music.

Texas music is an amalgam of various styles united by a single feature; the artists either live in Texas or were born there. A primary facet of Texas music is the fact that many artists operate fully outside the main stream of the music business located in Nashville, New York or Los Angeles.

They write their songs in Texas, record their albums in Texas, marekt them mostly in Texas and tour almost entirely in Texas. Forays outside of Texas are not unheard of, in fact they are quite common. The largest crowds for a Texas music artist are almost always in Texas, however.

The concept of Texas music transcends style and genre. Country, bluegrass, rock, conjunto, tejano, western swing and punk are all claimed by Texas artists. This reflects the varied ethnic backgrounds of Texans. It also makes for a very strong musical tradition.

This is of course, a definition in a very small nutshell. Some of my favorite Texas musicians:
Robert Earl Keen
Walt Wilkins
Adam Carroll
Alejandro Escovedo
Joe Ely
Roger Creager
James McMurtry
The Derailers

Some places to see Texas music live:
Greune Hall
Floore's Country Store

More to come

Thursday, August 04, 2005

New Links

And this thing keeps growing ...

I've added some links to the right. The comic links are all worth a look. In no particular order, except alphabetically, I present:

Bob the Angry Flower - Stephen Notley's a Canadian ex-pat now in the US working for PopCap Games. They make those little games on Yahoo and your cell phone that take up too much damn time. Blast you Literati! Bob is super-funny in that odd, "why is this funny?" way. "Bob's Quick Guide to the Apostrophe, You Idiots" is worth its weight in Canadian funny money.

Cox and Forkum - Political cartoonists from the right side of the aisle. A bit much of their personal philosophy seems to be wrapped up in the winner-takes-all absolutist school of Ayn Rand, whom they also appear to worship. Most of their cartoons are pretty funny, though.

Schlock Mercenary - Take some mildly violent bipeds, add an amorph with a plasma pistol (ominous hummmm) and a war fleet with self-awareness. Shake. Hilarity ensues. Howard Tayler, we thank you. Read it from the begining. It's worth the weekend.

Turnsignals on a Land Raider - This strip is only funny if you're a miniatures gamer. It's funnier if you have ever played Warhammer 40,000. It's funnier still if you've played Warhammer 40,000, thought better of it and moved onto something better. Something better like, oh I don't know, Stargrunt perhaps? Read from the begining. It'll take an afternoon. It's worth it.

28mm a day (but sometimes only 15)

So, here we go.

Here at 28mm a day, a crack staff of one married miniatures gamer will yak endlessly about his hobbies and life. the main topics of discussion will be:

Miniature gaming

Texas music



Volunteer firefighting and emergency medical services

Other topics that rock my ego-centric jolies.

Thanks go to Joey at http://mrstryfe.blogspot.com for getting me started on this.

More to come.

One down, tons to go

I'll try this blog thing out for a while. I'd like to thank my friend, Joey (http://mrstryfe.blogspot.com), for saying "hey, start a blog." At the very least, I may be able to write a little each day or so, which will be to my advantage.

I used to write quite a bit in college, but not so much anymore. Maybe this will change.

More to come.